Founder's Story

The Shower Security is a company built and run with the same morals, principles, and values that were instilled in me as a kid; INTEGRITY, HONESTY, AND TREATING PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. My mission with The Shower Security is to provide more peace of mind while you're in the most vulnerable area of your home; the shower. Hearing is blocked by at least 95% when you're in the shower by the running shower water, making it nearly impossible to hear anything going on around you outside of the shower area. It was my own horrific experience that drove me to create The Shower Security, when one day I walked into my bedroom from the shower and found an intruder standing there.

I will never forget how he stood there staring me up and down as I screamed and yelled for dear life with nothing on but shower water trickling down my body.

In my heart, I know that it was the grace of God that made the intruder suddenly just turn and leave. I realized how fortunate and blessed I was that things did not turn out worse.

I had never felt as vulnerable as I did in that horrifying moment. A moment that left me filled with anxiety when it came time to get in the shower. But, I was determined to take back control of my peace, and protect my vulnerability.

It’s taken me three years of working with my talented team of engineers, designers, and manufacturers, to develop The Shower Security. An incredible team that helped me turn the idea I had scribbled down on an old napkin into reality.

It’s been a fulfilling experience. An experience in which I was hands on in learning every phase of the process, to ensure that the quality and integrity that I believe in were used every step of the way.

The Shower Security is my patented and trademarked device designed to let you know when a door or window is opened when you’re in the shower, giving you time to prepare for the unexpected, and protect your vulnerability .

Because when you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

* Proud to say, Made in the USA!

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